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Iron fence production process

Iron ArtGuardian Net Production Process

In our daily life, wrought iron fences can be seen everywhere, whether indoor or outdoor, iron fences not only play a role of protection and isolation, but also are good decorative crafts in homes.

The use of iron fences is very wide, from indoor to outdoor, there are various styles and everything. So, how is such an exquisite iron fence produced?

Below, I will give you a complete introduction to the processing and manufacturing process of iron fences, as well as the points that need attention in the surface treatment of iron fences.


The production process of general iron railings can be roughly summarized as follows:

  1. Pattern design: The style of wrought iron fence can be designed arbitrarily according to customer requirements and architectural style, which will comprehensively consider customer requirements, prices, aesthetics, needs and other factors;

  2. Stakeout: After the design is designed and the customer's confirmation is obtained, the factory master will make a 1:1 stakeout;

   3. Blanking: According to the lofting size, cut various processing materials according to the actual length, and correct the non-straight or defective materials.

   Fourth, pattern making and welding: The iron master will make the pattern according to the pattern, and then perform the overall welding. During the welding process, it should be noted that there should be no welding errors such as false welding and missing welding.

   5. Polishing: It is inevitable that there are solder joints during welding, which requires polishing to keep the joints flat.

  6. Hot-dip galvanizing: For outdoor iron railings, the best anti-rust method is hot-dip galvanizing, but it should be noted that hot-dip galvanizing should go to a regular large factory, so that the thickness of galvanizing can be changed. Guarantee.

   Seven. Polishing: After hot-dip galvanizing, there will inevitably be zinc dross, so it needs to be polished.

   8. Paint: The last step is to paint the surface according to the customer's requirements. This step directly affects the look and feel. Nowadays, spraying is generally used. When painting, you should also consider the weather. It is not suitable to paint on cloudy and rainy days.
Wrought iron fence net production process