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Common problems in the use of fence nets

Guardian net common problems used

 The fence net products have now entered thousands of households, and the fence net products that can be seen everywhere have brought great help to our lives. With the help of fence net materials, we can classify and protect the materials to be isolated well. The mutual non-influence and interference make the neighboring two more harmonious and safer.

   As a very common fence net product used in the road transportation industry-road fence net, it has unique advantages. There are three common road fence nets. >Bilateral wire fence net, frame fence net, wave fence (Dutch net). Among them, double-sided wire fence net is one of the most common protective nets.

  In the process of installing and using the fence, many times, some skills and maintenance methods will be designed. Regarding the common problems in the use of fence nets, here are some summary, hoping to benefit everyone.

  1, what is the plastic steel fence net

   Some of the fence nets are made of steel plates, and some are made of special PVC non-toxic, non-polluting, environmentally friendly outer protection nets. Compared with rigid steel fence nets, this material is lighter, weather resistant, and has great strength. The promotion.

  2. Will highway fence nets be crisp in winter?

   Due to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, in the cold winter, many people think that because of the low temperature, highway fence nets will reduce their flexibility and become more fragile. This is only for some plastic grid fence materials, most It can withstand bad weather, so users don’t have to worry.

  3. The service life of the fence net

   Then how long is the service life of the highway fence netting? This is mainly determined by the material characteristics of the highway fence netting. A good stainless steel material can be used for 5-10 years after a specific processing and anti-corrosion process. However, if the texture is weak, For materials with slightly poor corrosion resistance, the service life is generally 1-3 years, and obvious paint peeling and maintenance rust can be seen.

  4. Will the guardrail net turn yellow when used?

   Some friends are worried that the product will turn yellow after the road fence has been used for a long time. In fact, it is unnecessary, because the current road fence production process has fully integrated heat stabilizers, corrosion resistance and oxidation components into it. , Unless it is improper operation by the user, frequent removal of the fence, reconstruction of the fence, severe impact from the outside, etc., the fence product will be damaged.

   In other aspects, there are many details about the use of fence nets, such as how to choose high-quality highway fence nets, how to maintain fence nets, what detailed advantages a good fence net should have, and many other issues, all of which require our focus. Yes, only a comprehensive understanding of the fence net family products and understanding of each model and material fence net can be used more safely and conveniently.
Common problems in the use of fence nets