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What are the uses of road isolation barriers

What are the uses of road isolation barriers

  Road isolation guardrail can not only effectively change the direction of the vehicle, prevent vehicles from going out of the road or entering the opposite lane, and minimize the damage to the occupants. Not only plays a role in isolation, but also plays an important role in the smoothness and safety of traffic.

  Road isolation barrier purpose:

  1, used in the center of the road;

   A guardrail installed in the central separation zone of the highway to prevent out-of-control vehicles from crossing the central separation zone and intruding into the opposite lane, and to protect the structures in the central separation zone.

  2, used on both sides of the road;

   The guardrails are installed outside the limits of roadside buildings on highways to prevent out-of-control vehicles from going out of the road or colliding with roadside structures and other facilities.

The characteristics of    road isolation guardrail

   The road isolation barrier has the feature of anti-collision, that is, it prevents the protection object of the barrier from rushing out of the barrier to cause loss and improves safety. It is not only beautiful and novel, easy to install, safe and reliable, and at a competitive price.

  Road guardrail series classification includes: solar anti-glare guardrail, galvanized steel isolation fence, municipal road isolation fence, pedestrian road guardrail, motorized and non-motorized isolation fence , Road center isolation fence, road isolation fence with billboards, river safety fence, lawn flower bed fence, etc.

  Municipal road isolation guardrail has complete specifications and varieties, and you can choose the height and color at will. It is suitable for the isolation of urban traffic arteries, green isolation belts in the middle of expressways, bridges, secondary roads, township roads and various highway toll gates.

  Road guardrails are widely used in municipal engineering, roads, factories, development zones, garden squares and other places for safety protection and decoration and beautification.

   can also be used in residential quarters, courtyards, and villas. Its smooth lines, concise and beautiful, and rich modern flavor make the residential quarters and courtyards radiant, giving the villas a high grade of the times.

  Guardrails are beautiful in appearance, firm, good corrosion resistance, simple installation, convenient maintenance, easy to clean, economical and practical, maintenance-free, beautiful in structure, and good in coordination with the environment. It is the product of choice for the beautification of urban environmental engineering!

What are the uses of road isolation barriers