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Which structure of tennis court fence is easier to maintain?

Which structure of the netcourtfence net is easier to maintain?

   People have deep roots in their hometowns, and they can't give up the place where they lived when they were young. Most people who go out of the countryside will go home to renovate their old houses or build new houses on top of their original foundations. Some of them are cast-in-place cement or ceramic guardrails. They don't feel good. The color of stainless steel is too single. They want to use guardrails, but they are afraid of rust. Now they are intertwined with the benefits of guardrails for self-built balconies. Formulate corresponding quality management procedures and processes to ensure product quality and safeguard the interests of customers.

  The decoration of the tennis court fence is very necessary and exquisite. Looking at the house from the outside, the first thing you see is the tennis court fence, which can be said to be a facade playing. In the eyes of many people, you can decorate the balcony at will. In fact, there are many styles of guardrail balconies. You can spend money to decorate the tennis court fence, but you can choose a variety of styles. why not?

   Every tennis court fence requires safety planning. The clear distance between the balcony-balcony-balcony-balcony-balcony vertical rods should not be greater than 0.11m, and the flower pots placed on the balcony should adopt anti-falling methods.

   Tennis court fence mesh planning and decoration should be equipped with air-drying and clothes drying equipment, the top balcony should be equipped with rain cover, and the tennis court fence adjacent to each apartment should be set with family partitions. Balconies and rain awnings should be drained, and the fence of the tennis court should be water-proof.

   When planning the lighting of the tennis court fence, the balcony can be sealed with aluminum windows. Try to use light-colored aluminum windows, which will not block too much light; if the heat preservation effect is not good, you can add glass film, which has good heat preservation effect. Or hang the dark window cloth in the living room.
Which structure of tennis court fence net is easier to maintain?