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What is the price of peach-shaped column fence

What is the price of the peach-shaped columnGuardian Net

   The price of peach-shaped column fence is a new product, which is mainly popular in developed countries such as the United States, Japan, South Korea and larger cities in China. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, free from rugged terrain and convenient installation. High-quality processing technology: the surface of galvanized steel is treated with high adhesion spray. Safety: Inserting the mesh into the pre-planned groove at the arbitrary height of the column is the entire fence that cannot be dismantled. The device is simple: fast push-type device, without any accessories, suitable for various types.

  The installation is different from other fence nets: such as wave-type fence nets, sports stadium fences, railway fence nets, highway protection nets, etc., are installed first and then connected to the mesh. However, the peach-shaped column fence cannot be installed in this way. If you press the upright first, the mesh will not be hooked up. (It is a mistake to use iron tongs to open the connection groove. This will damage the outer protective layer of the fence. It will affect the service life. Some forcibly hanging the net is also a mistake. This will cause the net to deform and loosen.< /p>

   It is even more impossible to extend the distance. In this way, the mesh surface becomes loose and easy to throw away. There is no protective effect. The above is a faulty installation method.

   The correct method of installation is to fix the first column first, then hook the mesh to the column, and then hook the second column. After connecting, fix the second upright. Then hook the second mesh and the third post. After the net surface is tightened, the third upright is fixed. By analogy, one set of devices is enough. In this way, the device is strong and does not damage the mesh surface.

The naming of the peach-shaped column fence

  Peach-shaped column fence, because the column section of the fence net is peach-shaped, as the name of the peach-shaped column fence. The unusual feature of this kind of guardrail is the one-by-one installation method, and it cannot be removed, so it is also called anti-theft post fence. The peach-shaped column fence is connected by a bend fence mesh piece and a peach-shaped column. It is highly decorative and beautiful.

   Consolidate the anti-theft characteristic bending mesh standard; wire diameter size: 3.5mm-5.0mm; mesh size: 1.8x 2.5m; can bend three times or four times; mesh size: 50 x 100mm 50 x 150mm 50 x180mm; peach-shaped column height: 1.8m (with flange base) 2.1m (including embedded 30cm); column distance: 2.5m overall color: dark green. Grass green, customers can specify different color meshes and columns for deployment.

  Peach-shaped column standard dimensions: 70mm*100mm, 75mm*150mm Wall thickness: 0.8mm-1.5mm Shape characteristics: The shape is a regular semi-ellipse, exactly like a peach.

   It is said that the scope of application of the peach-shaped column is mainly used for the barrier and protection of highways, villa communities, airports, public places, and scenic visit areas. The peach-shaped column Y-shaped gill net can also be used for the protection of high-end villas, airports and prisons.

What is the price of the peach-shaped column fence?