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The role of triangle bending fence in highway protection

Trianglebendingfence netThe role of road protection

Fence nets are often used in highway barriers, especially highway barriers. Triangular bend fence nets are one of them. Its use is not very widespread. This is because its price is between the barriers of both sides. Between the structural fence nets, and close to the structural fence nets, the use of the two is more widespread. Under this circumstance, the triangular bend fence net has not received attention, but as it is used in different fields, its advantages and aura are gradually flashing, and the long-term prospects cannot be underestimated.

Triangular bend fence nets are used as expressway barrier nets in expressway barriers. Triangular bending fence net has the characteristics of stronger mesh surface, more durable anti-corrosion moment, and more aesthetic feeling. Comparing the fences of the two sides, its mesh is smaller. Basically, it is twice as small in the dimension direction, and the warp direction is not much different. This makes the triangular bent fence net more solid and durable, and it is not simply damaged.

Comparing structural fence nets, triangular bent fence nets have more advantages in anti-corrosion and price. The two products of the same set of 75 yuan, the iron wire or square tube used in the structural fence nets are all used ***, the materials should be reduced. The low-quality fence is now unfortunate. On the other hand, the triangular bending fence has a wire diameter of 4.5 mm and an aperture of 50*200 mm. After a period of use, it is also There will be no fading or "iron plastic parting" phenomenon, and it will remain the same for many years.

Structural fence netting, because of the large touch area of ​​plastic powder and iron, will cause premature rusting and become obsolete early. From the point of view of humanization, the triangular bending fence net is more simple and easy to bear for others because of its fine curve and diverse color and lustre, and it is liked by people.
The role of triangular bend fence in highway protection