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Price and specifications of aquaculture fence

The price and specifications of breeding fence net

  In the animal husbandry industry, enclosures have been attached great importance in recent years, and most of them will use special breeding fences. Generally, this kind of fence net has different meshes, meshes, and anti-corrosion levels. A performance with a major advantage. With regard to the price of the new type of farm fence, here is the editor.

   Now in the livestock breeding industry, the demand for basic farm fence nets is becoming more and more important, mainly because the breeding fence nets have played a great role in animal protection and isolation of farms and livestock. Now spring is coming. The demand for some new farm fence nets is also gradually increasing. Now let's introduce the specifications, characteristics and prices of farm fence nets.

  1, common structure characteristics of fence nets in rural farms. In terms of types: galvanized fence netting and plastic dipping fence netting. Raw materials: low carbon steel wire, galvanized iron wire. In terms of technology: the general breeding fence nets are welded, except for individual fences with perforations and weavings. Surface treatment: the common ones are dipping and spraying. Features: high strength, good rigidity, beautiful appearance, wide field of vision, easy installation, bright and relaxed feeling. Uses: used for roads, railways, airports, residential quarters, ports and docks, gardens for animal husbandry, etc.

  2, the price of a new type of farm fence. Ordinary price: 2-7 yuan per square meter. These styles of fence nets are the main types of fence nets for farms. The meshes are generally about 6 cm. They mainly adopt the process of wire welding and integral dipping. In terms of price, they are breeding fence nets. One of the most cost-effective ones. Medium price: 10-20 yuan per square meter. This kind of fence has a lot of stock in Ji'an Screen Factory, but the large mesh is a shortcoming in the aquaculture industry, which has limitations in terms of benefits, so we generally recommend customizing.

   Generally speaking, aquaculture fence nets are more durable in terms of specifications and models. Variety diversity is a crucial element to promote the faster development of this material. It will also have a more comprehensive and valuable effect on the farm. This is also At present, it is an important performance for the rapid wholesale use and the purchase of suitable fences for farms.
The price and specifications of aquaculture fence net