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Foundation pit fence manufacturers use high-quality raw materials

The   foundation fence net manufacturer uses high-quality raw materials, the bar is galvanized before the bar, is coated with a strong adhesion primer powder spray three-level protection, welded mesh and long-day corrosion, anti-ultraviolet performance.

  Foundation pitFence fence The surface of the manufacturer is galvanized and sprayed. Plastic caps with top holes or rain caps can be selected. According to different environments and installation methods, you can choose to bury in 50cm and add a frame-type fence, which is generally durable, has a relatively stable fence, and the welding method has good value, which is of good value for the foundation pit. >Fence fence The choice of manufacturer's materials also has reference value. The main precautions are for the reference of the big family.

   For the existing and stable guardrail types, the advantages of structure and welding are important factors to promote the development of frame guardrails, and we attach great importance to them, including overall procurement, and materials, including installation and use. The wall has a frame, so please note.

   The characteristics of the current foundation pit fence fence manufacturers are that the foundation pit fence fence manufacturers are generally durable and comfortable, welded and fixed, and mesh and mesh materials are better.

   The position of the pillars of the foundation pit fence manufacturer: first draw a horizontal line on the curb according to the spacing of the pillars with a marker pen, and then use a measuring instrument to fit the paragraph according to the edge of the curb and shoulder to obtain an overall smooth line shape, and then use the line The ropes and nails are arranged in the same direction as the local line, and the line shape is adjusted repeatedly to conform to the overall line shape as much as possible. A vertical line perpendicular to the horizontal line is drawn on this line to form a cross line as the center of the pile position. When driving into the column , Strictly drive in according to the distance between the column and the cross line, to ensure the basic straightness of the column in the longitudinal direction.

   Record the position of the pile hammer on the foundation pit fence manufacturer, and every time a column is driven in the future, when the pile hammer falls to the recorded position, it indicates that the height of the column has reached the design requirements. In single construction, due to the unequal elevation deviation on the top surface of the curbstone, the individual deviation value is relatively large, which is reflected on the top surface of the column to make the line shape uneven, and the height of the column needs to be corrected, which will cost extra cost and time. Therefore, piling money should pre-control the top surface height of the column. The method is as follows: first measure the top surface elevation of the curb, use a computer to curve-fit the measurement results, refer to the overall road longitudinal curve of the road section to form an overall smooth curve, and calculate the road The adjustment value of the top elevation of the curb top surface.

   The above is the relevant content of the foundation pit fence manufacturer, I hope it can be helpful to everyone

Foundation pit fence net manufacturer uses high-quality raw materials