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5 hours lost_alien kidnapped mankind archives

  Time: April 10, 1985 .23:40

   Location: Gansu

  Witness: Shi Yule (pseudonym)

  Features of flying objects: dish-shaped, blue-white, white light, hijacked

   Around 23:40 on April 10, 1985, I was preparing to take the 1985 college entrance examination for employees. After watching TV, I felt unwell, so I picked up a copy of historical college entrance examination review materials and walked in the backyard. 20 away from home. Meters away, I accidentally saw a UFO shaped like a saucer at an altitude of 500 meters, about 6 meters in diameter, a light white light emitting from a place 1 meter in the middle, and a blue light on the periphery. The UFO landed in a circling form from an altitude of 1,000 meters. When it approached me 800 meters, it shot a white light at me in an oblique manner. Then dropped suddenly. In an instant, I fainted and lost consciousness. When I woke up from a coma, I found myself lying five or six meters away. It was 5 o'clock in the morning when I walked back to the house, and I lost 5 hours of time in my life, and I thought it was only a few seconds and felt like a moment.

   Afterwards, I recalled that two green dwarves walked down from the luminous object. The surroundings were also green. Their skins seemed to be green as well, and their height was under 1.5 meters. They walked to my side, and at the same time, the green surrounded me. Following the green, I walked on the flying object. There is a huge room on the flying object, which is supported by huge pillars around the room. The walls are curved. The tops are round. On the opposite side of me, there is a set of mechanical devices. Around it, some people in white jackets and jumpsuits are walking around. I lay down on an operating table-like table with an ugly-looking dwarf standing next to it, and felt unable to move or speak. Then, a dwarf put on me a flat pole with a length of 20 cm, a width of 5 cm, and a small thickness. I felt a shock, and then I couldn't remember anything.

  Since being hit by flying objects and being hijacked, a series of peculiar phenomena have appeared in my body:

   1. Memory has been greatly improved.

   2. The scratched right hand that was diagnosed by the doctor within a week was hit by the light from the flying object and healed.

  3. In July 1985, I felt uncomfortable in my mouth and throat. I went to the hospital for an examination. The doctor said that I had never seen such a throat. This was new cartilage, which was caused by strong light.

  4. At night, a dwarf came to teach me to repair my watch and radio, but I didn’t know anything.

   5. The nose has a particularly sensitive sense of smell.

   6. The eyes have a special function of "perspective".

7. At 5:44 on February 4, 1986 and 14:23 on February 6, 1986, I saw the sun shoot down a black beam. At the same time, there was also a beam of light toward the sun in mid-air, and there was an ear-shattering explosion. Sound, there are messy radio waves in the ears.

   8. At about 3:45 in the morning of May 5, 1985, I heard the sound of hissing radio waves. When I went out, it was completely dark and there were no stars in the sky. At 4:45, I heard a huge radio wave again. When I went out to see, there were stars in the sky. I thought it was a total solar eclipse.