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Briefly introduce the standard of how much is one meter for the acceptance of the isolation road gua

A brief introduction to several standards for the acceptance of road guardrail

   briefly introduces several standards for the acceptance of road guardrails

  Road fence users often don’t know how to check the quality of road fences. Next, I will talk about the three items of road guardrail acceptance*** inspection, road guardrail specification inspection, road guardrail material inspection, road guardrail surface inspection.

   1. Check the materials of the road guardrail


   1. The size of the wire inside the road guardrail. This is a relatively easy problem to ignore, but the price and quality of road fences will definitely be affected, and it is also an option for manufacturers to reduce costs.

   2. Coating thickness. This project usually does not seem to be a problem, mainly equipment and settings, but occasionally the coating becomes thicker or thinner or has uneven thickness.

  3. Other material size. Other materials include the size and thickness of the ear, and the thickness and size of the attachment.

   2. Surface inspection of road guardrail

   1. The color of the road guardrail coating. Observe that the color of the coating is incorrect, there is no other color, the color is not bright, there is no blackening, etc.

   2. Road guardrail coating process. It depends on whether the coating is the kind you require. The coating technology includes galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, spraying, immersion, spraying and so on.

   3. Is there any residual surface? Observe whether there are broken wires, holes, coatings, etc.

  3. Road guardrail specification test

   1. The diameter of the road guardrail wire diameter. Silk diameter is a key factor that affects the quality of road fences, and the price changes accordingly. Therefore, we will test this item and use a micrometer as the test tool.

  2. Road fence net eye size. Grid is also a factor that affects the quality of road barriers, and also affects the use of products. This item can only be completed by measuring with a ruler.

  3. External dimensions of road guardrail. Everyone knows that only steel belts can do it.

   4. Other projects. Road guardrails also have frames, columns, diagonal braces, etc., regardless of the requirements of the drawings, will have an impact on the quality of the road guardrail.

   The above is the related content of the road guardrail, I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

A brief introduction to the standard of how much is one meter for the acceptance of isolated road barriers