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Analysis on common problems of fence net price manufacturers

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   fence net price manufacturers choose high-strength low-carbon steel wire welding, which can better integrate with the surrounding natural environment. Compared with general galvanized corrugated beam fence, fence net price manufacturers are visually softer. Although the steel-backed wooden barrier is environmentally friendly, combined with the national conditions and daily protection issues at that time, it is not recommended to use it in a large area, as long as it is in the environmental landscape.

The problem with    fence price manufacturers is that it always destroys the distortion in the horizontal direction straight to the beam, without any tendency of straight deformation. It is always a forced harmonious deformation and the movement method of the beam-slab without beam-slab movement has a dominant effect. The hexagonal block and the French block are the non-*** subordinate structure and optional components of the entire guardrail. Although the 3-wave guardrail has some improvements in the block, such as the block application, it is a rigid structure made of H-section steel. This wave guardrail passes through the collision between the beams and plates of the dedicated car on the horizontal plane, which not only reduces the height of the beams, but also relies on the rigid rotation of the blocks to reduce the height of the beams. The longitudinal plane beams are inclined outwards, and the high front of the car body is simply guided to the guardrail. The above is the problem of the existing anti-collision barrier.

   fence net price manufacturers choose peach-shaped fence. Safety: The embedded grid is divided into pre-planned grooves. The column at any height is not a good or missing part, and the gate cannot be dismantled. Convenient installation: All types of quick pushers are installed without any accessories.
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