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How much do you know about border fence nets?

   frame fence net is made of high-quality raw materials, the bar is galvanized before the bar, is coated with a strong adhesion primer powder spraying three-level protection, welded mesh and long-day corrosion, anti-ultraviolet performance.

  The surface of the frame fence net is galvanized and sprayed. You can choose a plastic cap with a top hole or a rain cap. According to different environments and installation methods, you can choose to bury 50cm and add a frame fence. Generally, it is durable, has a relatively stable fence, and has good value in welding and fixing methods. There are also choices for frame fence netting materials. Reference value. The main precautions are for the reference of the big family.

   For the existing and stable guardrail types, the advantages of structure and welding are important factors to promote the development of frame guardrails, and we attach great importance to them, including overall procurement, and materials, including installation and use. The wall has a frame, so please note.

   The characteristics of the current frame fence are that the frame fence is generally durable and comfortable, welded and fixed, the mesh and mesh materials are better, the mesh area is smaller, and the mesh structure is characterized by regular uniformity. Cylindrical. Mn, mesh welding and fixing. Fixed, more solid, and can be used for a long time.

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