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Do you know the installation steps of the football field fence?

Do you know the installation steps of ball courtfence net?

  The following are the installation steps of the football field fence:

  1. The football field guardrail net frame is made of 60mm steel pipes, and 48mm steel pipes are welded between the two columns. The height of the cage is 4m, and the cage is packaged by special galvanized steel wire PE plastic. The hole diameter is 45 mm 45 mm. The cage is tensioned with special tools and fixed with flat iron bars and screws.

  2. Football field fence lighting: According to the construction drawings, 114m steel pipes are used to weld and fabricate tennis court light poles, and after manufacturing at a height of 6.5 meters 10×1000 W/MHH metal HA, the light poles are welded and installed on the light poles. Embedded part. Every tennis court is equipped with Lied professional tennis court lights. The heading control circuit is controlled by BV6 wire 2 loops, each loop controls 5, and the light pole uses 1.5×2 rubber wire. The switch control box adopts an outdoor control box, and the control switch adopts an industrial air switch.

   The role of the football field fence in the work is very much. It can not only effectively slow down the impact of the entire vehicle, but also can smash the vehicle and avoid a series of major traffic accidents. Therefore, it can give the driver a series of correct guidance to a certain extent. Of course, in rainy days, especially in places where the rainy season is relatively large, such a football field fence may rust under the rain for a long time. The phenomenon cannot play the role of this kind of safety protection.

  In the face of this situation, we need to conduct long-term inspections of the entire football field fence and regularly conduct a series of maintenance on them. Each section of each expressway has related road maintenance personnel, and these maintenance In normal times, personnel must also pay attention to inspecting different football field fences. This inspection is very important. Regular inspections. once a series of rusts occur during the inspection process, everyone needs to conduct timely inspections. The anti-corrosion treatment, even the replacement of them, some road sections with more serious water accumulation, the pipeline should also be dredged, and all the water should be drained in time.


   The football field fence is also excellent in visual reminders, because the driver’s vision is blocked when it rains, so if there is no regular maintenance, it may lose a series of vigilance functions, causing the driver If you don’t follow the normal route, you will directly hit the guardrail. The maintenance work*** of the entire guardrail cannot be ignored. This point must be paid attention to, because this is a very important point. .

   The above is the relevant content brought to you by the manufacturers of football field fence nets. I hope it can be helpful to you.
Do you know the installation steps of the football field fence?