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What to pay attention to when using fence net

Use fence net to pay attention to what and how to extend the service life

During the construction of the fence net, the embedding of the uprights should be carried out in sections. The uprights at both ends should be buried first, and then the central uprights should be buried by pulling wires. Seen from the longitudinal direction, the axis of the column should be on a straight line, and there should be no unevenness between good and bad; from the height, the top of the column should be smooth, and there should be no unevenness. The fence piece must be connected to the column, and the net surface is flat after the equipment, without obvious warping and unevenness.

Fence nets are generally used as fences in gardens and parks; the equipment is used as stadium fence nets on the stadium to prevent the ball from kicking out of the field and protect athletes from injury. The equipment is used as a community isolation network at the distance of the community, which can play a protective effect and can play a decoration effect.

The equipment is used in the workshop as a workshop isolation net; the equipment is used as a breeding net on the farm to breed various animals; the equipment is on the railway and on both sides of the highway to ensure the safety of pedestrians, and to make the road appear organized and beautify Environment: The equipment is at both ends of the bridge, and the fence can prevent falling objects from falling, which can ensure the safety of vehicles and pedestrians.

How to extend the service life of fence nets. In today's society, more and more production and processing enterprises, many companies produce and use fence nets, because fence nets can have a maintenance effect on the production environment, and production can be orderly and stable. The proceeding. The quality of the fencing net has a great relationship with its service life. Therefore, when purchasing a fencing net, you must choose a quality one.

Some methods can be adopted to make the life of the fence grow longer. Pick a suitable fence outside. We must select the raw materials outside the fence according to the environment in which it is used. If the production environment is relatively humid, then we have to choose stainless steel fence net, although the price of this kind of fence is a little higher, but it can be used for a long time. If you choose other materials, it is easy to show rust.

What to pay attention to and how to extend the service life when using the fence net