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Details of the bilateral fence

Detailed introduction of the bilateral wireFence Mesh

   High-speed double-sided wire fence netting is also divided into structural double-sided wire fence netting and bilateral wire fence netting. The structural double-sided wire fence netting is welded by mesh and frame. The frame standard used on both sides of the railway is 30x50 square rectangular tube. The mesh 70x150mm wire diameter is 5mm after plastic molding. This is the national standard. The frame standard used on both sides of the highway is 20x30 rectangular tube, and the mesh 90x170mm wire diameter is 4mm after plastic molding. The increase of the frame also increases the weight, which is naturally expensive. , Generally 70 yuan per meter.

   weight is 18kg, color: grass green or dark green. Eye-catching logo: the top 30 cm is skewed 30 degrees forward The double-sided wire fence is economical and practical. Its price is 30 yuan per meter. It is made of low-carbon steel wire straightened by a welded wire mesh machine---welded, dipped, or sprayed. The weight is 9kg, and the color: white or grass green. Eye-catching logo: Double wires are welded at the joints on both sides of the guardrail and the column.

   The hot-dip plastic double-sided wire fence has good anti-corrosion treatment: the powder layer and the steel are metallurgically connected and become a part of the steel surface, so the adhesion of the powder and the steel is very stable. It is strong so that it can better prevent rust and anti-aging; the hot dip treatment of the double-sided wire fence is fast and low in cost: the dip process is simpler and simpler than the construction process of other coatings, and has a variety of colors Pick.

   is more suitable for highways, prisons, and airport fences. The cost is low, the function is ***, and it saves the government a lot of economic expenses! The plastic-dipped double-sided wire fence products have beautiful colors, bright colors, beautiful shapes and environmental protection, super corrosion resistance, salt spray resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, beautiful colors, high strength, long service life, and low cost !

Details of the bilateral fence net