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There are many styles of high-speed isolation barriers

ExpresswayIsolation Fence​How many styles are there?

How many styles are there for highway isolation fences? Let's take a brief look in this article today.

   In the construction of the developing society in our country, the high-speed isolation barrier is no longer a rare thing, because it is already a standard configuration of the high-speed isolation facility, and it is a necessary high-speed scenic line. It will start in the high-speed construction. When it comes to an important role, the quality of the product has also been significantly improved with the continuous progress and development of technology in the production industry!

   There are many styles of high-speed isolation barriers! frame type! Double-sided wire type! Barbed wire type and so on. In order to isolate the high-speed from humans and animals!

  frame type: commonly known as "frameguardrail net" This product has a remarkable feature that the outer frame has a 20*30 frame, so it is named, < u>frame fence net, frame isolation fence, etc. names!

  Double-sided wire type: As the name suggests, the link method is fixed by two wires, without borders, and has a great anti-corrosion effect! The style is novel and beautiful! It is a conventional high-speed isolation barrier!

  Barbed wire type: Customers generally call it "barbed wire isolation fence", "barbed wire isolation fence", "barbed wire isolation fence" and many other names. The materials of such isolation fences are generally divided into electro-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, Plastic coating, etc., hot-dip galvanized plastic coating is better! It is also a conventional fence net style, and the protection effect is superb! Gives humans and animals a deterrent effect!
There are many styles of high-speed isolation barriers