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Snowden files reveal that aliens are in control of the U.S. government

   Is this gossip? Or a conspiracy theory?

An Iranian news agency claimed that a secret document from Edward Snowden, a former CIA employee and NSA technical contractor, proved that an alien or alien intelligence memo is leading U.S. domestic and international policies, and have been doing so since at least 1945.

Snowden files reveal that aliens are in co<em></em>ntrol of the U.S. government

   The semi-official Iranian Fars News Agency claimed that the U.S. headquarters of the shadow government established by aliens is located in Nevada, and these aliens also controlled the German Nazis in the past.

According to a report by the Washington Post on January 13, "In order to prove the alien life hidden behind the Nazis, the Fars News Agency explained that at the end of World War II, Germany built hundreds of submarines, far exceeding human technology. The limit that can be reached."

But the Post questioned: it did not explain why aliens used time travel to build submarines, and these submarines were so vulnerable to the British navy? Why can't the almighty aliens help the Nazis fight against the Allied invasion, Relative to the technology they possess, the Allied forces are just cavemen from the prehistoric stone age. It seems that these are very humble aliens. I remember that Snowden disclosed the mysterious UFO file of the United States "We are just a bunch of ants". It seems that this sentence is definitely not incredible

   Obviously, after the defeat, these aliens were deemed to be the secret manipulators of the US government.

The Fars News Agency claimed that Snowden provided documents to the Russian Federal Security Service to support these allegations. It further claimed that these claims were recently confirmed by former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Helier. The news agency stated that Helier Obtained permission from the Russian Federal Security Service to inspect all Snowden's documents and verify their authenticity. According to reports, not long after this, Helier appeared on the TV talk show of "Russia Today" SophieCo. In the show, he said that alien life has visited the earth for thousands of years, and some of them are in Nevada and the U.S. Air Force. work together.

However, Helier’s explanation on the SophieCo program is difficult to confirm that he has recently seen documents obtained from Snowden of the Russian Federal Security Service. Helier has been bluntly talking about his alien beliefs for many years. The same content was even published at the Citizen Disclosure Hearing in Washington in 2013.

  //In any case, I still don’t trust this person much. Although I also hope that what he said is true.