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A brief introduction to the fence net of the side foundation pit on the construction site

A brief introduction to the construction site border foundation pitfence net

  In people's minds, the construction site is a risky place. And the workers working on the construction site are one step closer to the risk. At this time, safety becomes abnormally important. Site slogan, time pretends to be safety in mind. Let the site workers go to work happily and come home safely.

   From the literal meaning, it can be seen that it is used as a fence for the foundation pit, and the first thing is to play a safety protection effect. Prevent people, animals, or objects from falling into the foundation pit from causing harm to themselves or a third party.

   Generally, people in the industry know well known as foundation pit guardrail. For customers who are not very clear, sometimes the branch will explain that: the construction pit has a protective effect around the construction pit, which is connected by pillars, and the height is about A protective material with a length of 1.2 meters and a length of about 2 meters is marked with warning words and warning colors painted in yellow, black or red and white.

   The use of construction site foundation pit border fence netting: construction site barrier protection products, generally used for construction site protection barriers, construction site border safety protection, etc., attributed to the use of convenient transportation and convenience devices for construction site protection products, and the quality is good The fencing on the edge of the foundation pit can be reused or temporarily used, such as small-area repairs, construction overhauls, and road constructions temporarily set up warning lines and other safety barriers.

   The commonly used colors of the construction site foundation pit border fence are yellow and black, red and white. The eye-catching yellow, red or white can remind the construction staff to pay attention to safety. It is an indispensable building for each construction site. Use a protective fence.
A brief introduction to the fence net of the foundation pit on the site