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How to do the anti-corrosion engineering of the fence of the fence?

Fence fenceIsolation fence How to do the anti-corrosion project?

  The anti-corrosion method of the fence net has a great relationship with the service life of the fence net. The senior engineer said: Generally speaking, the service life of the highway fence net is 10 years. Occupy the market at low prices. In order to reduce costs, the barrier barriers produced are shoddy, and the use time is 3-4 years, which completely cannot meet the application requirements. Here we inform our customers, so you must choose a formal and professional manufacturer to buy railway barriers, and you must not be greedy to buy products of poor quality at a cheap price. The fence net is also called: barrier fence, which is a gate that is tightened on the supporting structure with a metal mesh to prevent people and animals from entering the highway boundary.

   highways and first-class car special highways should be installed on both sides of barrier fences. And to avoid illegal encroachment of highway land. One of the anti-corrosion methods of fence nets: dipping, now the more sophisticated domestic dipping method is: powder dipping method, which originated from the fluidized bed method, the so-called fluidized bed started to be applied on the Winkler gas generator Petroleum touch decomposition, and then developed a solid-gas two-phase touch process, and then gradually used for metal coating. So sometimes it is still called the "fluidized bed coating method". The actual process is to add the powder coating to the bottom of the porous and ventilated container (moving tank), and the compressed air that passes through the treatment is sent from below by the blower to turn the powder coating to the "flow". Status”. Become a uniformly distributed fine powder. We know that the fluidized bed is the second stage of the solid fluid state (the first stage is the fixed bed stage, and the second stage is the air transport stage). On the basis of the fixed bed, continue to increase the flow rate (W), and the bed swells at the beginning and When the bed is loosened, the height of the bed starts to be added, and each powder particle is floated, and thus moves away from the original position to a certain extent, and then enters the fluidized bed stage.

  bc section clarifies that the powder layer in the fluidized bed swells, and its height (I) increases with the increase of the gas velocity, but the pressure in the bed (△P) does not increase, and the flow rate does not change within a certain range. Affecting the unit power required by the fluid is a characteristic of the fluidized bed, which is used to implement the coating process. The uniformity of the powder fluidization state in the fluidized bed is the key to ensuring the uniformity of the coating film. The fluidized bed used in powder coating is classified as "vertical fluidization". The fluidization number must be found through experiments. Generally, it can be coated. The suspension rate of the powder in the fluidized bed can reach up to 30-50 %. Railway barrier grids, municipal barrier grids, and bilateral barrier grids are all preheated to above the melting point of the powder coating through degreasing, and the plastic powder will adhere evenly after being immersed in a fluidized bed, and then plasticized polymer cross-linked and leveled into a steel-plastic composite Products.

How to do the anti-corrosion project of the fence of the fence net?