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Method for calculating spot price of double-sided wire fence and frame fence

Bilateral wireFence fence and frameFence fence Spot price calculation method

   The specific method of calculating the spot price of fence nets. With the continuous economic development and the continuous increase of urban population, the demand for fence nets as an indispensable functional equipment in urban life is increasing. Shenyang is no exception. Many customers now There is demand, but due to various reasons, there is relatively little knowledge about this product. Many people know less about the price of fence netting. As a fence manufacturer, Chuansen fence netting factory will share with you about How does the price of the fence net constitute?

   The price of the fence net is divided into the calculation of the frame, the calculation of the mesh, the calculation of the processing fee, and the calculation of the column. The mesh is the net hole value of the mesh calculated according to the length and width of the mesh and the specifications of the mesh. According to the net hole value, the number of metal wires required by the mesh can be calculated, and then the formula = weft wire * mesh Piece length + warp wire * mesh width, so that the length of the wire used in the mesh can be calculated. After that, we calculated the weight of the mesh according to the ‘Comparison Table of Kilograms per Meter for Iron Wire, Steel Pipe, and Flat Steel’. Query the price of the wire on the day and multiply it by the weight to calculate the price of the mesh.

  The calculation of the frame is to directly bear the weight and then multiply it by the unit price of the material on the day. Processing fees generally include manual fees and surface treatment fees. The calculation of the manual fee is generally based on the specifications of the mesh, the smaller the hole, the higher the manual fee. The cost of surface treatment should refer to the cost of local dipping, spraying and galvanizing. The above price is the basic cost price of the fence. The profit is based on the fence manufacturer's own needs, and finally the market quotation of the fence.

   The following is the most used fence net calculation method: (1): Bilateral wire fence net

  1. Column calculation formula: column price = (weight x unit price) + labor costs + dipping costs. Weight kg=(pipe diameter-thickness) X thickness X 0.02466 X column height, the unit price fluctuates with market fluctuations, subject to the quotes of local pipe merchants. Generally, the price quoted by merchants is the price of each piece, which is usually 6 meters. The labor cost of the workers is based on the local welder's labor cost, but it will fluctuate according to the number of columns.

  2. The calculation formula of the mesh: mesh price = mesh weight X (wire unit price + dipping cost) + welding sheet labor cost, mesh weight = total wire meters X 0.00617, the total number of meters is based on the mesh It depends on the size of the film and the mesh. The unit price of the wire can be consulted by the wire drawing factory. The dipping cost is subject to the quotation of the dipping factory. The cost of the soldering sheet is inversely proportional to the number of welding.

  3. The price of accessories: The required accessories include ears, anti-theft screws, etc., usually 8 sets of accessories are included on each column, except for special accessories.

  4. Other expenses: transportation fees, taxes, etc., depending on customer needs.

  Summary: the cost of a bilateral wire fence = column price + mesh price + accessory price + other costs

   (2): frame fence net

  1. Column calculation formula: the column price calculation is the same as above.

  2, the calculation formula of the mesh: the price of the mesh is calculated as above.

  3. The calculation formula of the frame: The price calculation method of the frame is basically the same as the column calculation method, except that the weight calculation method is slightly different. The frame weight kg={[(width+height)X2/3.14]--thickness }X thickness X0. 02466X trial length.

  4. The price of accessories: It is basically the same as the accessories of the double-sided wire, except that there is an extra flat iron.

   5. Other costs: Same as above summary: the cost of the frame fence = column price + mesh price + frame price + accessories price + other costs.
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