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Secret UFO incidents in various countries claim that there are aliens

Some "warriors" who had been active in the official top secret work field, as well as professionals from all over the world who studied UFO and alien phenomena, gathered in Barcelona, ​​Italy, July 25-26, 2009 In one hall, the "First Interstellar Politics Revealing Project (Europe) Summit Meeting" European Exopolitics Summit was held

This is the first global exposing event. This event revealed the truth about the concealed extraterrestrial interstellar civilization and the upcoming changes humanity is facing. The video was told by a senior official in the United States, which was directly confirmed by the talks. A lot of the information we came into contact with, because it was directly spoken from a former corrupt official, not psychic materials, so it has high credibility. This video tells us that extraterrestrial interstellar civilization and The connection between human beings and the truth about the changes that mankind is about to face can help us better distinguish the authenticity of information in the universe.

   From July 25th to 26th, 2009, a speech by Robert Dean, a retired sergeant commander of the US Command, at the "Interstellar Politics Revealing Project-2009 European Summit", the speech lasted more than 60 minutes. This is a great meeting in the history of mankind.

   This meeting is an exhibition of evidence of the existence of alien activities. Robert Dean revealed that during the Apollo landing on the moon more than 40 years ago, many photos of alien spacecraft were taken. Most of the 40 rolls of film were destroyed by the authorities, who deliberately concealed the existence of aliens.

Among the materials presented by Robert, I was shocked that there were so many alien contact photos during the Apollo landing on the moon, as well as a large man-made object over Saturn, 2,000 miles long and 400 miles (1 mile) in diameter. =1.60931 kilometers), which is about 3218.62 kilometers long and 643.724 kilometers in diameter. It is said that this object is making a planetary halo.

   Saturn is closely related to our lives. The term "interstellar federation" has gradually become familiar to everyone. The interstellar federation is real. There are many interstellar federations. The closest interstellar federation is located in the halo of Saturn. This Interstellar Federation serves 500 planets and is in eighth density, a density that is invisible to us.

The Egyptian Pyramids were built by members of the Interstellar Federation. The "density" here refers to the density of thought. Human beings are at the end of the third density and will soon face the transition of the fourth density.

  How do we get in touch with aliens? Aliens cannot appear on the earth because the earth was isolated by the Interstellar Federation 75,000 years ago, and the Interstellar Federation did not allow aliens to land on the earth. If people on Earth generally desire to contact aliens, this isolation will be lifted at any time. At that time, the righteous alien spacecraft will land on a large scale to help solve the crisis faced by the people on the earth, and the people on the earth will stay away from the current disasters. Aliens are friendly to the earth, and the earth will never be invaded. This is guaranteed by the laws of the universe.