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What is the IQ of aliens?

For now, the editor of the ufo110 clue network believes that so far there is no conclusive evidence to prove that the earth has been visited by alien. Some people describe the natural phenomena that cannot be explained by science as aliens. It is very common for people to visit (ufo). And many times what they see is actually an artificial aircraft. Some people describe the ancient civilization of mankind as an alien civilization, and attribute the things that cannot be explained now to aliens. Human masterpiece, this is an insult to humanity itself!!!

In fact, human creativity is very strong. What we cannot do now does not mean that ancient humans could not do it. Don’t say everything is alien. In addition to thinking about the problem of aliens with scientific thinking, try to use some To transcend natural counterthinking to sense, but is the IQ of aliens very high?

Not always. Alien creatures are not necessarily better than humans, but it is possible. about 5 billion years of the solar system. But the universe has been around 15 billion years ago. There may be lives that are more intelligent than human beings. It may not be. If there are creatures with higher intelligence than humans, it is very difficult to discover us humans. Maybe they are looking for other lives now. In fact, the main reason is that the universe is too big and human beings are too small. Think about it, it takes about 10 years for our current technology to fly out of the solar system.

  Aliens are not necessarily "humans" with advanced intelligence, as long as they are creatures on planets other than the earth, they are all called aliens. Creatures on other planets may be very high-level, or they may be low-level creatures like jellyfish. If the flying saucers that people find on the earth are made by aliens, their IQ is at least 100,000 times that of people on earth.

IQ is a manifestation of wisdom! So not necessarily! For example! If there are aliens coming to the earth! Then the aliens who come to the earth have higher IQs than humans! But for the aliens who come to the earth, we humans Aliens! And they think aliens (human beings) have low IQ!

   Maybe the IQ of aliens has exceeded the system level of entering other planets, but we still don’t know at present, the editor of ufo110 clue net will witness with you.