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The new anti-corrosion technology of highway fence net, the price is affected by the quality of the

High-speedHighwayFence fenceNew anti-corrosion technology, the price is affected by the quality of the material

How to improve the anti-corrosion and sturdiness of the entire highway guardrail net is an important issue for testing wire mesh manufacturers and maintaining highway guardrail units. After years of use, it is not difficult to find that if the dual treatment of expressway guardrail netting with plastic dipping and hot-dip galvanizing is more durable, we use these two methods, a small factory only uses one, and the guardrail is greatly reduced. Net price. However, the service life of this product has been greatly reduced.

We hot-dip galvanize the fence net instead of cold galvanizing. First of all, hot-dip galvanizing is to evenly apply a layer of anti-corrosion layer on the surface of the fence net. There are four main anti-corrosion methods commonly used now: galvanizing, Aluminized, galvanized (aluminum) and then coated with plastic and coated with plastic.

The double-layer anti-corrosion treatment fencing mesh and post that combine a separate hot-dip galvanizing layer and spray treatment are used, so that the outside air and moisture can be isolated by evenly coating the isolation layer, which has a good effect. Protection effect. At the same time, the anti-corrosion layer also has excellent metal protection properties. In the case of making the outer layer of the mesh hard, if there is abrasion or other influences, it will not cause damage to the entire large highway fence mesh.

After years of use and comparison, we believe that the anti-corrosion method of hot-dip galvanizing will also become an important method in the future market. For highway guardrail nets on highways, if you want to spend time and improve product quality, then strict anti-corrosion methods and anti-corrosion processes should be adopted to carry out the most advanced technology without reducing the steps.

The price of highway fence netting is affected by the quality of the material

Safety is the focus of life for anyone. The demand for many products is based on the protection of safety. This is especially true for highway fences. The reason why highway fences are installed on highways is entirely Because many people cross the highway at will in order to take shortcuts, it is necessary to know that the speed of the highway is very fast, so in order to prevent people from crossing the highway at will, road fence products are installed on both sides of the highway. It is for this purpose that not all fence nets are suitable for use on highways. The quality of highway fence nets cannot be selected as poor quality, because poor quality highway fence nets can not stop pedestrians at all, and are of good quality. The price of the road fence will definitely be higher. Of course, the high price of the road fence does not necessarily mean that the product is of good quality.

In fact, it is not just on highways. All fence netting products used for municipal transportation are of the highest quality in any case. Products with poor quality no matter how good their appearance is and how low the price of fence netting is. Definitely cannot be used. ***Although there is no unified standard for highway fence nets. However, highway fence nets are mainly used on highways or on both sides of roads. Its primary function is to prevent people from entering the highway at will and avoid accidents. Therefore, the quality of fence nets must be very important. Generally, high-quality steel wires are used in the production of highway fence nets, and the appearance is through multiple anti-corrosion technologies such as galvanizing and spraying, so as to maximize the quality and maximize the service life.

When purchasing highway fence netting, not only the price of highway fence netting must be considered, but also the quality of it. If both 4.0mm and 5.0mm steel wires are used to produce highway fence netting, the price of highway fence netting produced by 5.0mm steel wire will definitely be higher, because the road fence netting material produced by 5.0mm steel wire is better.
New anti-corrosion technology of highway fence net, the price is affected by the quality of the material