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What to do if aliens invade the earth? How to fight back?

  Aliens what to do if they invade the earth? How to fight back?

  This question can be considered from the perspective of humans. If humans really find planets suitable for human survival on other planets, what will humans do?

  If the earth was so polluted that it could not live in humans, of course humans would immigrate to that planet. If that planet did not have highly intelligent creatures, then we humans would just go and live there.

  If there are creatures higher than humans, then we still don’t mess with them.

   But if the biological intelligence there is similar to that of humans, or even worse than humans, then aggression is possible, because the premise is that the earth can no longer inhabit humans.

   There is another possibility that the people of the earth negotiate with them, asking them to set aside a place for the people of the earth to live, and everyone can live in peace. This article is from http://www.ufo110.net ufo110 clue network

  From the perspective of people on earth, I think that the possibility of aliens invading the earth is very small.

First, whether there are aliens or not is still a big question. Maybe human beings are the only intelligent life in the universe. There is life on the earth, it took so many chances and luck to have it, and it is difficult for other planets to reproduce this. Kind of accident and luck.

  Second, even if there is, the cost of aggression is very high. It will take hundreds and thousands of years to fly to the earth. Then who will be called to war?

  The weapons of the earth have developed into this way in a hundred years, and in a few hundred years and thousands of years, I do not know how powerful the weapons on the earth will be.

   Third, why do aliens invade the earth? If they can fly in the universe for so long and live for so long, what do they need a planet for?

   Resolutely resist and oppose malicious intrusion 1. Language probation 2. Call masters to destroy their computer systems 3. Dispatch the army 4. Biochemical weapons 5. Nuclear bomb attacks 6. Destroy the earth (as a last resort)

Suddenly one day, an extra-large UFO appeared in the sky of capitals around the world, connecting our satellites and threatening to destroy us. Their weapons are N times stronger than ours. How would you choose? 1. Join the army and fight with it 2. Find a safe place to hide 3. Surrender to aliens 4. End your life, the editor of ufo110 clue net chooses the first one, invading the earth, since it has invaded, we must fight back? What about you?