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What are the key points of the quality inspection of municipal road guardrail installation?

MunicipalityRoad guardrailWhat are the key points of installation quality inspection

   When leaving the factory, we must go through strict quality inspections to ensure that the municipal road guardrail products produced are all qualified. Therefore, we have to conduct a series of quality inspections. The inspection contents are as follows:

  1. Confirm whether the shape, size and installation position of the railing meet the design requirements through observation, ruler inspection, and entry inspection records.

  2. Check the concealed engineering inspection records to confirm whether the number, specifications, positions and connection points of the railing column fixed points meet the design requirements.

  3. Through observation, ruler inspection, hand plate inspection, confirm that the height of the railing, the distance between the columns, and the installation position must meet the design requirements. The railing must be installed firmly and without looseness.

  4. The allowable deviation and inspection method for the installation of railings and handrails should conform to the "Quality Inspection and evaluation Standards for Advanced Decoration Engineering"

   Railing verticality: 2mm. Hanging wire, ruler measurement; railing spacing: 2mm. Suspended wire and ruler inspection; surface tube and crossbar straightness: 3mm, pull-through line, ruler inspection; railing height difference: 2mm, ruler inspection.

What are the key points for the quality inspection of municipal road guardrail installation