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The anti-fly net of the garbage dump can use the frame barbed wire fence

The anti-fly net of the garbage dump can use the frameBarbed wire fence

  The anti-flying net of the garbage dump adopts the structured barbed wire fence structure to strengthen and durable. The anti-flying net for garbage dump is a barbed wire fence product with a selection of structure fence net, which is used for garbage dump fence with solid structure and beautiful appearance. There are various types of fence nets, including two sides fence nets, structural fence nets, and triangularbend fence nets, and many more.

   However, according to the different needs of different places, it is necessary to choose the appropriate fence net style. For example, the fence of a garbage dump must be highly qualified for the requirements. The qualified mesh is more than a protective effect compared with the fence of other places. Therefore, we recommend structured fence nets as the first choice for anti-fly nets for garbage dumps.

  First of all, in terms of height, the structural fence can not only adhere to the height requirements, but also achieve the role of consolidation and durability. In addition, the mesh planning can be welded and manufactured according to user requirements, and the size can be fine. Installation and fixation, when installing structural fences in garbage dumps, pre-buried installation methods are often used.

   When the column is manufactured, the embedded part is left out. This device is not only simple but also strong and durable. The exterior anti-corrosion treatment is the same as other outdoor fence nets. The anti-corrosion treatment method of plastic dipping is selected for the structure of the garbage dump. The plastic layer is uniform and thick, the color is bright, and the appearance is lubricated. Green is more commonly used.
The anti-fly net of garbage dump can use f<em></em>rame barbed wire fence