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Aliens have been paying attention to humans and the earth

According to the British "Times" report, an Italian archaeologist recently claimed that he was surprised to find that there are some disc-shaped unknowns in the sky in the works of some art masters through the study of a series of Italian Renaissance paintings. object.

He believes that this is a record left by the ancient masters, that is, as early as the 15th century, alien flying saucers visited the earth. This proves that alien has been paying attention to the human earth.

  Archaeologists are keen on "flying saucers" research

   Signa Waltry, 56 years old, is a professional archaeologist in Rome. He is good at the analysis and identification of ancient metal objects. He is also an enthusiast and researcher of the flying saucer phenomenon. "

   When I was a child, I was interested in everything that could not be explained. Modern scientists often attribute some unexplainable phenomena to human fantasy, such as aliens.

   But I think scientific work is to answer all mysterious questions, not to exclude them. "Waltery said that through his research on some Renaissance paintings, he believed that the phenomenon of aliens actually existed hundreds of years ago, and the ancestors of mankind had long doubted whether there were other life outside the earth.

Aliens have been paying attention to humans and the earth

  Renaissance paintings depicting flying saucers

   In his recent work "Ancient Chronicles", Walter cites a series of examples to prove that aliens visited the earth as early as the 15th century. "The most famous painting is "The Virgin and St. John" by the 15th-century Italian painter Filipino Lippi. In the painting, a man with a dog is obviously staring at a flying saucer-shaped object near the shoulder of the Virgin Mary. Some people call it It was a stain mistake made by the painter accidentally when he painted, but in that case, why did the painter paint a man and a dog staring at this unidentified object in the sky? This painting is now hidden in Palazzo, Florence The museum, every Italian can go and see it in person."

   In addition, according to Waltery, there are also mysterious cloud-like objects in the 1429 painting "Miracle in the Snow" by another Renaissance painter, Masorino Dapanique. "This painting is now in the Capodimonte Porcelain Museum in Naples. It depicts a real historical event in the 4th century AD. However, what is strange is the strange, dark, elongated sky in the painting. The cloud-like object is too much like the UFO people portrayed today." Waltery said that he had compared the flying saucer-like object in this painting with a picture of the so-called UFO taken in 1955 in Namar, Belgium, and found that they were both Surprisingly similar. "In addition, in the 15th-century Florentine school painter Paul Uchiro's painting "The Passion of the Jesus," something in the sky is exactly the same as the so-called UFO photos taken by Americans from 1950 to 1960."

Waltery also stated that in the famous painting "Ode to the Communion" by the 16th-century Italian painter Salri Monbeni, "something looks like the Russian satellite Sputnik, in the painting between God and Christ, There is a metal sphere. The protruding part of the sphere resembles a TV camera lens. The sphere also protrudes two tentacles, like the current radar antenna. This painting is now hidden in the city of Montasina near Siena in central Italy In one of the churches."

Waltery told reporters: "I believe that as early as the 15th century, aliens visited the earth. Although people at the time did not understand the mysterious celestial phenomena, these painters still deliberately expressed them in their paintings and left them to the posterity. One information and record."

   British scholars objected

   Some other European scholars have different views on Walter's Renaissance "UFO theory". Professor Martin Kemp from the Department of Art History at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom believes that the UFO phenomenon in Renaissance painting can be fully explained: "Many artists use their own imagination to express the power of God. For example, there are no angels in the Bible. , But the artist portrays them as adults through his own imagination, and they can also be called “flying objects.” Moreover, the objects in Masorino Dapanique’s paintings are not UFOs at all, but just The artist painted some clouds through perspective painting."