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Quality inspection of the construction site foundation pit guardrail

Quality inspection of foundation guardrail on site

  How to check the quality and safety of foundation pit guardrails? No matter what kind of foundation pit guardrail is safety, the foundation pit guardrail can be installed to increase the sense of comfort, security and beauty under the condition of ensuring safe passage. Appearance quality inspection: no cracks, bubbles, folding, blending, and end face delamination on the surface.

   It is allowed that the guardrail should not be more than 10% of the nominal thickness. Slender bumps, indentations, scratches, and the depth of the repairing and shaping of defective railings is no more than 10% of the nominal thickness. Shearing end faces and equipment holes do not allow curling and severe burrs; galvanized surface The uniform color is uniform and smooth, and no sagging, dripping, and remaining agglomerates are allowed on the foundation pit guardrail, and there is no leakage of plating or iron defects.

   The surface of galvanized components must not have slag, dark color, false immersion, leakage defects) Processing and molding requirements, processing and molding requirements, processing and molding requirements (corrugated beam plate cold bending and rolling cannot be stamped, if hydraulic forming is necessary Finished at one time, the channel steel with inner crimping edge is cold-formed without bending, and the splicing screw holes are punched at one time.

   steel guardrail end is selected by compression molding) Foundation pit guardrail 2. Equipment data, endurance test: the total height of the foundation pit guardrail, the national standard height is greater than or equal to 1150; the distance between the cross bar and the surface tube is less than 110; the small vertical rod and The interval between the vertical rods is less than or equal to 110. The foundation pit guardrail is vacated and can withstand a weight of 100 kg without deformation.

Quality inspection of co<em></em>nstruction site foundation pit guardrail