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American farmer encounters aliens by chance [Alien sightings]

   At about 10 o'clock in the morning on April 24, 1964, a 27-year-old farmer named Gary Wilcox was spreading fertilizer in his garden in Soccoro, the United States.

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He found a ray of light from the summit of the hill. He put down the fertilizer curiously and drove the tractor towards the top of the hill. He saw a long object in the shape of a cigar at a distance of 50 meters. At first, he thought it was a fuel tank dropped from the plane. But he soon realized that it was not a secondary fuel tank. The thing hovered at a height of 1.5 meters above the ground, making a buzzing noise. The cigar-shaped object looks 6 meters long and 2 meters thick, and its silver-gray surface is extremely smooth.

   The American farmer walked over cautiously and touched the object with his hand. At that time, he felt that the surface of this object was as clean and smooth as the surface of the car body. Suddenly, two people appeared under the object. Both of them wore silver-gray blouses and trousers, and their heads were wrapped tightly on top of the clothes. They have a plate on their waist, which is filled with samples of soil and plants.

A beautiful farmer meets an alien by chance [Alien sighting]

Witness the aliens out of the spaceship

At this moment, one of them walked towards the young farmer and said to the farmer in very standard English: "You don't have to be afraid at all. We have already said hello to the others. They asked us to take it."

   Which part of the person's body the sound came from, Wilcox couldn't say for sure. Next, a weird conversation began. The visitor seemed to be interested in everything on earth. He asked: What are you doing in this field? What is fertilizer? What is fertilizer for? What is fertilizer made of?

   He also told Wilcox that they are from Mars, and they came to the earth to investigate the situation of agriculture on the earth, because agriculture on Mars is not very developed. Later, when they talked about other issues, they also talked about the use of propulsion devices by UFO occupants. However, until the end, Wilcox couldn't believe that these two people really came from Mars. He always thought it was a prankster making fun of him. However, he did not hear the sarcasm from the visitors.

  The visitor told the farmers, don’t tell others about this encounter. Then, they walked under the cigar-shaped flying object. After boarding the flying object, the flying object began to fly horizontally forward, then climbed upwards and disappeared into the blue sky. Traces were left on the ground.

   The next day, Wilcox told his parents about it, but his parents didn't believe it at all.

   But on the same day that Wilcox was in close contact with the two "Martians", police officer Lonnie Zamora (Lonnie Zamora) in another part of the United States also experienced a similar incident. Therefore, relevant experts believe that Wilcox did not lie, and that what he said was indeed the fact that he had personally experienced.