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Native Brazilian chiefs eat green aliens

Someone has eaten Aliens In 1988, a Swiss doctor named Fitz Gedda accidentally heard during investigation and research: An indigenous tribe ate 6 aliens, Is this true?

   At that time, Gedah was investigating in the virgin forests of Brazil. It was a chief of the indigenous ministry who told him about it. He was almost 100 years old and once shared the delicacy of aliens.

   It was 1936, and the tribe where the chief belonged was having a large-scale war with another tribe. As the war was going on, suddenly a silver light flashed, and a spaceship stopped at the tribe's territory where the chief belonged. After a while, six strange-looking people walked out of the spaceship. They are very short, similar to children in the tribe, and their skin is dark green. As soon as these people arrived, they greeted the people in the tribe, and they would speak the local dialect here. They claim to be here to stop the war and hope for peace in mankind.

Brazilian indigenous chiefs eat green aliens

  The people in the tribe felt that these people were still charitable, so they agreed to stay. However, after two or three days, people in the aboriginal tribe discovered that these people were using instruments to examine the children here. So they became suspicious and put 6 dark green unidentified visitors
Catch it, kill it and eat it.

The chief recalled the experience of the year, and he seemed to have a fresh memory. He said that after the people were roasted, they were distributed to all the people in the tribe. The taste was almost the same as that of small animals such as frogs. foul smell. The chief said that not long after they had eaten the 6 people, the silver spacecraft emitted a beam of silver light and disappeared. They suspected that there might be green dwarfs in the spaceship.

   According to the description of Dr. Geda, we know that although the chief is almost 100 years old, his memory is still very good, and he definitely does not look like a lie. It seems that these green people are really eaten by the indigenous people. Are the green people aliens? How did their spacecraft disappear? Why didn't the aliens seek revenge from the natives? This is still a mystery.