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What to pay attention to when installing peach-shaped column fence

Install the peach-shaped columnfence net what should be paid attention to

  Peach-shaped cylindrical fence net installation details? As we all know, the peach-shaped column fence net is a new type of fencing net. Now, it is mainly popular in many developed cities such as the United States, Japan, South Korea and more developed cities in China. Concise, not restricted by terrain undulations, easy to install and other advantages, it is deeply loved by the majority of domestic customers. The following are the installation details of the peach-shaped fence.

  Sex: The grid is embedded in a pre-designed groove at any height of the column, which is an integral part of the fence board. Simple installation: fast push-in installation, all types do not require accessories. Details How about the installation details of the peach-shaped fence? Installation is different from other fences: wave fences, playground fences, railway fences, highway fences, etc.

   Before connecting the grid, first install all the columns. The installation of peach-shaped fence cannot be installed in this way. If you press the column first, the grid will not be connected. It is wrong to open the connection slot with iron tongs. This will damage the surface protection of the fence. Affect the service life, forcibly hanging the network is also wrong. Then, the net will deform and loosen.

   It is impossible to increase the spacing. In this way, the mesh surface is loose and easily lost. It also cannot play a protective role. The above is the wrong installation method. The correct installation method is: first fix a column, then hang the net hook on the column, and then connect the column. After connecting, fix a post. Then connect the grid to the third pillar.

What to pay attention to when installing peach-shaped column fence