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Human life on Earth comes from Mars, and humans on Earth are aliens

   According to a British media report on August 11, some scientists said that life on Earth may have been "migrated" from aliens.

Some astrobiologists said that more and more evidences indicate that life on Earth may not originate from the earth, but from extraterrestrials. It was "sitting" about 3.8 to 4 billion years ago.Comet< /u>come to the earth. This theory is called embryo seed theory.

   Peter Ward, a biologist from the University of Washington in Seattle, said that life on Earth may have come from Mars, and at least there is evidence that life on Earth is extraterrestrial.

   Astrobiologist Chandra Vikler Masinger of Buckingham University in the United Kingdom said that the earth continues to exchange organic matter and even life forms with the planets in nearby galaxies. Wikler Masinger has participated in the writing of many academic papers, saying that he has discovered life forms that came to Earth from outer space "on the" comet.

Human life on earth comes from Mars, and human beings on earth are aliens

  As early as 1871, scientists put forward the theory of embryo seed. In recent years, more and more evidences have supported this theory. Wikler Masinger said: "This was a purely theoretical conjecture in the past, but now we have evidence. It is slowly-but undoubtedly-changing."

   The academic journal "Astrobiology" edited by Vikler Masinger recently published an article that scholars have discovered about 900 exoplanets in the vicinity of the Milky Way. And in the Milky Way alone, there are approximately 140 billion habitable stars. based on this, scientists further estimated that the nearest habitable planet may be only a few light-years away. As a result, celestial bodies such as interstellar dust and comets may carry life bodies into the earth.