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Guangzhou border fence workshop, most people are embarrassed to watch

Guangzhou Linbianfence net workshop, most people are embarrassed to watch it!

When it comes to the layout of the border fence, we need to consider some factors. If we do not pay attention to the use of enclosures, it may have a great impact on road traffic, traffic, and even the lives of surrounding residents. At present, many roads have differences in greening and parking spaces. These are also included in the layout of the border fence and need to be considered together. Different situations will have different effects when closed, and we should pay attention to them. In the layout of the border fence net structure, the first thing to pay attention to is the coordination and smoothness of the road, because once the road is closed, it will inevitably affect some vehicles and pedestrians to use the road. How to make way for them is to consider the layout of the fence. In the layout of the fence, there is also a very important issue, that is, the safety of the fence itself is an obstacle to safety, so the safety function is also the most important for everyone. If you do not pay attention to the layout of the fence, it will affect the security issues. Linbian fence can be said to be the most distinctive form of advertising in the packaging of the real estate industry.

A good wall advertisement can achieve the purpose of project promotion. Inappropriate advertising design will damage the image of the project. There are generally three forms of building enclosure: 1. Staggered enclosure is an extension of the traditional site enclosure, usually in the form of high and low interlaced enclosures. The height difference of the staggered enclosure structure is not limited, and can be designed reasonably according to the engineering positioning and customer groups. two. The traditional website fence is the most common and widely used advertising form of the fence net site. The height generally does not exceed 6 meters, and there is no difference in vertical height. It usually spreads visually through the creativity and color of the picture. Such a fence is very high for advertising creators. For example, if the creative ability is weak, it may become a chicken rib. only the occlusal function can achieve the purpose of propaganda. three. The special shape of the shell is based on the positioning of the project, and innovative forms (including shape and technology) are used for shell packaging. The special-shaped shell has a novel structure and is easy to attract the attention of the audience.
Guangzhou border fence net workshop, most people are embarrassed to watch