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Green wire fence around the breeding area

Green barbed wire fence around the breeding area

For the overall visual effect of the balcony, the decoration of the guardrail is particularly important. Then, what fine decoration can make the balcony look different, let me take you to find out below.

The maturity of modern guardrail surface technology enables various styles of guardrails to meet the individual needs of most customers. The personalized balcony guardrail is integrated with the balcony as a whole, and then tables and chairs are placed to form the atmosphere of the reading room. You can rest or read in this space when you are free and tired. The variety and style should be consistent with the living room and the main room. Lying is the same.

The secondary balcony is usually close to the kitchen or connected to the living room. The main function is to idle some sundries, but you should pay attention to the use of non-slip floor tiles on the balcony to prevent the smooth surface of the tiles from moving sundries on rainy days, which poses safety hazards.

***, some flower pots are placed on the balcony to add green to life. People often stay away from nature, so they need to add more green to the space. If you like to plant flowers and grass, you can design a corner of the balcony as a flower exhibition area.
Green wire fence around the breeding community