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9 real alien habitats on earth

The study of extraterrestrial life does not necessarily require space telescopes. Instead, many astrobiologists use microscopes to explore the origins of other life in the universe by observing microorganisms living in extreme regions of the earth; in particular, there are some geological structures on the earth that are similar Mars, as well as other terrestrial planets outside the solar system, are currently the most eager targets for scientists.

The Cropfield Circle is considered to be a trace left by visiting the earth, but is it possible that these space visitors will always live on the earth? The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) issued an interesting report Point out that there are 9 mysterious places in the world that are the most likely habitats to be found. Most of these places have two things in common: water and high concentrations of specific elements.

Nine real alien habitats on earth
Nine real alien habitats on earth

  Shark Bay, Australia

   There are a large number of stromatolites in the Hamelin Pool Marine Reserve of Shark Bay in Western Australia; these stromatolites are composed of a large number of microbes such as cyanobacteria, which are piled up layer by layer. When they undergo photosynthesis, they reduce the surrounding carbon dioxide and produce calcium carbonate precipitation. When the sediment is caught by the mucus of the bacterial colony, it will accumulate and become petrified and become the diary of ancient life. It can even be found for 3.5 billion years. Traces of the former blue-green algae.