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Explain in detail which types of protection the fence belongs to

Explain in detail what type of protection fence net belongs to

   In the enclosure protection, the height of the fence is not very clear. When choosing, I don't know what is appropriate. Let me explain a little about the height of the fence. The height of the grid of the fence varies with its function. It is usually different in different applications such as sports grounds, municipal road isolation, fence protection, breeding protection and green protection.

  In each type of protection application, it is relatively fixed and has certain rules. The application of fence nets in sports fields. The protective nets used in sports fields are usually called sports fences and stadium fences. , Sports field fence and so on. Its height is usually 4-6 meters, if it is shorter, it will not be less than 3 meters.

   Since general sports include running, jumping, javelin throwing, basketball, football, shooting, etc., the height of the fence is designed to prevent objects from being thrown or thrown into the playground, which will cause unnecessary trouble. Application fences on municipal roads are usually used for municipal road isolation, called municipal fence networks, which are mainly used to isolate upper and lower roads.

   Because the height requirements of vehicles and pedestrians are not very high, it is generally set to about 1.5 meters, so that people will have difficulty crossing in the past, and vehicles will not cross the border. The application of fence nets in fences is used in factory areas, residential areas, etc. The fence nets used are usually called factory fence nets, community fence nets and so on.
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