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Explain the functions of railway fence and airport fence

Explain the function of railway and airport guardrails

   A fence can be understood literally, and it can be regarded as a guardrail protection device. It has many types, and its scope of action is different according to the type, but the common point of each guardrail is protection and. These are some of the different roles of various fences. Fences can be roughly divided into roads, railways, airports, municipalities, residential buildings, factories, etc., depending on the location used, and their functions are also different.

  The functions of roads, railways and airport fences are roughly the same. They are mainly used to isolate pedestrians or certain animals, making it inconvenient for them to enter roads and railways, posing a hidden danger to vehicles, and municipal fence nets are mainly used To maintain traffic order, and isolate traffic facilities for vehicles and pedestrians. It can also beautify the urban road environment and improve the image of the city.

  Residential guardrail mainly refers to the products of houses such as balcony railings, stair railings, and shutters. Their main function is to give people protection. It is also a decoration of buildings. The factory guardrail is mainly used to separate the working areas of different workstations, effectively improving the working environment, and rationally planning the factory and working space.

   By comparing the functions of the above products, we found that the function of the fence is nothing more than to put it on and provide us with protection. Therefore, when we see the product, we should take care of it. For the sake of it, don't deliberately violate the rules.
Explain the functions of railway fence and airport fence