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Know how to apply foundation pit fence net

Know how to use the foundation pitfence net

  The protective net is also called the protective net. Due to regional differences, the zinc people in the south were once called barriers. Northerners used to be called fences. China's fence nets are mainly divided into: garden fence nets, railway fence nets, bridge fence nets, highway fence nets, sports fences, airport fences, etc. (widely used).

   is divided into two types according to the type: frame fence net, triangle curved fence net, double wire fence net, double ring fence net, wave fence net, stadium fence net, knife net-fence net, barbed wire net Fence fence, PVC coated barbed wire, etc. (various types), installation pictures. The grid structure is simple, beautiful and practical; easy to transport, installation is not restricted by terrain fluctuations, especially suitable for mountainous areas and slopes And many bend areas.

  The price ranges from medium to low, suitable for large-scale use. The main markets for zinc iron fences: closed railway nets, closed highway nets, field fences, community fences, various isolation nets, widely used in road and railway waste landfill testing , The protection fence net of the municipal fence community of the railway closed is in the expressway fence development zone.

   Grassland fence net has the characteristics of flat plane, uniform mesh, high toughness, high strength, novel structure, firmness, precision, not tightness, non-slip, compression resistance, earthquake resistance, and earthquake resistance. -corrosion. It can be widely used as a protection net for the vast grasslands, pastures, forest areas, poultry houses, farms, stadiums, green belts, river banks, roads and bridges, reservoirs, etc. in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China.
Know how to use the foundation pit fence net