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What should you pay attention to when buying a fence

What problems should be paid attention to when purchasing Guardian Net

   There are some unknown details about the fence net when I purchased it. Users pay attention to it. The author has solved several frequently-occurring problems and hopes that users will pay for it. When buying a fence, please pay attention to the following: the size of the grid. In addition to affecting the use of the grid, it also directly affects the quality and price of the fence. Therefore, the size of the grid is a necessary parameter for detection, but if the boss says it is good but not bad, don't worry too much.

   wire diameter. The diameter of the wire is related to the quantity of materials used, and it is also a very important parameter that affects the quality and price of the fence. The tool used to measure the diameter of the barbed wire can be a thickness gauge or a vernier caliper. If you don’t have one, you can buy one. After all, it is only a few dozen dollars. If you lose, you can do more. I think some investment is needed.

  Other material size. There are many types of protective nets and different production methods. The materials used are different. For example, the frame fence needs to use square pipes as frame reinforcement. The quality of the frame is also an important part of the entire fence and affects the price. Very big. The length, width and thickness of the material used for inspection, especially the thickness, is a relatively hidden factor and can easily be ignored.

  Surface coating quality. The protective net is usually surface-treated to prevent corrosion and prolong its service life. Common coatings include dip coating, spray coating, electro-galvanizing and hot-dip galvanizing. Although you don't need to know this, basic common sense should still know it. Here are some tips: hot-dip galvanizing is better than electro-galvanizing. You can also see both on the surface. The former is luminous, while the latter is whitened and smeared; the plastic coating on the surface of the immersion liquid is thicker and has better corrosion resistance; the sprayed plastic has a bright surface and good decoration.
What issues should be paid attention to when purchasing fence nets