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Understand some common sense of the lower foundation pit guardrail

Understand some common sense of the fence of the lower foundation pit

   The grid format of the foundation pit fence is divided into the dip-welded grid + frame shown in the picture, and the other is the steel grid format. Spacious construction teams can use both formats. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate stable and feasible Enron protection measures, and it is necessary to formulate different protection measures. The front work place of the protective fence can be divided into the following categories.

  The stepped steps of the segmented structure are equipped with temporary protective panels, and the top step head should be in line with the progress of the project structure. A formal plaque or temporary guardrail. A handrail should also be provided in the center of the stairs as a temporary fence. Around the foundation pit, there are no balconies that can be used to remove carved bars or fences, the surrounding environment of material tables and various platforms, awnings and provocative edges, and roofs without feet. The roof, water tank and water tower of the battlefield.

   A protective carving column is set up at the periphery and other places. Foundation pit fences are usually used in tunnels at construction sites, and cut off construction areas, sidewalks, and vehicle entrances and exits, and issue safety warnings. As a covering around the tunnel, the foundation pit fence will temporarily lift the four sides of the pit to promote better construction. The pit guardrail adopts white and black, yellow and black, two colors, clear names and better signs of demobilization.

   Vertical transportation equipment, such as derricks, construction elevators, and other sides of the passage connecting the building, should also be equipped with guardrails. Reduce the lower part of the guardrail with a footstool or footstool or metal mesh. The Enron shelter should be removed from the top of the tunnel at the top of the sky. In the center of the single-cage derrick channel, the left and right doors should be closed and closed; outside the fence, remove the safety net.
Understand some common sense of the guardrail of the lower foundation pit