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The industry standard for foundation pit guardrails that have been widely used by construction sites

Foundation pit guardrailindustry standard

The installation of foundation pitfence net on site is to better protect the safety of construction personnel, foundation pitfence net u>It is required to install, and it can effectively prevent accidents of construction personnel. Since foundation pit fence net can not only protect the safety of construction personnel, but also play a warning role, it is loved by people.

Let me introduce to you the reasons why foundation pit fence nets are becoming more and more popular among construction workers! The excavation of the foundation pit exceeds 2 meters and the periphery of the foundation pit shall comply with the requirements of the foundation pit fence net and the foundation pit fence net. The height of the fence of the foundation pit is 1.2 meters above the ground, and the width shall not exceed 2m3. The fence of the foundation pit can withstand an external force of 1KN from any direction without being deformed or broken.

Introduced to you the content of the above foundation pit fence, then what specific uses does it have? Border protection: Foundation pit fences generally use red and white or yellow and black warning colors, and hang warnings such as "No overstepping", "Beware of falling" and other slogans. On the one hand, it is a warning function, and on the other hand, it plays a very good role. Safety protection function.

During the construction of the foundation pit, the surface water is controlled in order to adjust the drainage measures, and the surface stagnant water is controlled as follows: a drainage ditch is set up along the fence around the foundation pit to eliminate the sudden rain in the rainy season. Water, to prevent the drainage ditch from being too late, a pool is set up on the side of the foundation pit, and then the accumulated water is pumped to the sewage system of the plant through a sewage pump in time to achieve organized drainage and unblocked drainage.

Industry standards for foundation pit guardrails that are now widely used on co<em></em>nstruction sites