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For the small details of the installation of the workshop isolation network

For workshop isolation net the small details during installation

When the    workshop isolation fence is installed, there is usually a certain gap with the ground. Some customers do not understand why there is a gap, because it can ensure that the fence does not touch the ground, prevent rain and stagnant water from causing the fence to rust and make the fence soak in the water for a long time. Indirectly affect the service life of the fence net. Therefore, when the customer installs the fence net, it must be at a certain distance from the ground.

   1. What kind of isolation network is good for the workshop?

  The workshop isolation fence generally adopts a frame structure. The frame structure fence mesh is tightly connected with the column, the overall effect is good, and the structure is simple, light, beautiful and practical. It has a good isolation effect on the workshop. The color of the workshop isolation fence can be selected according to requirements: white, blue, yellow, red, green, etc.

   The workshop isolation mesh can be square or rectangular holes, and the surface is treated with hot dipping, which is the most popular treatment at present.

   Installation precautions for workshop isolation network:

   1. When the nets and pillars used in the fence are transported to the site, the curvature of the on-site pillars should be checked. If there are obvious deformation, curling, scratches, etc., the site should be cleared in time.

   2. In the construction of the guardrail column concrete foundation, the construction unit shall release the center line of the foundation in accordance with the approved construction organization design and design drawings, and carry out necessary leveling and cleaning of the construction site to ensure the smooth progress of the construction. After the installation of the workshop guardrail, it is beautiful and straight. Before pouring the foundation concrete, before pouring the concrete, the size of the foundation pit and the spacing between the foundation pits must be checked and approved.

  3. The mesh must be firmly connected to the column, and the mesh surface must be flat after installation, without obvious warpage and unevenness. After the construction of the workshop isolation fence is completed, the High-level Resident Office will organize relevant personnel to check and accept the quality of the fence.

   This is the end of this article. Regarding the small details of the installation of the workshop isolation network, I believe you have a certain understanding here.

For the small details of the installation of the workshop isolation network