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Take a look at where the frame fence is suitable

Look at where the frame fence net is applicable

  frame fence, as a flexible fence product, has the characteristics of low cost and low installation price. It can not only be used as a permanent mesh wall application, but also as a temporary disconnection network application, which can be completed by accepting different fixed methods of pillars.

  frameFence Net Applicable places:

  The frame fence net suitable for school fences, it is important to adopt the anti-collision hook-type net with strong safety contrast, and the frame is mostly 60 cylinders, and the net surface is a diamond-shaped anti-scratch green net.

   frame fence net suitable for expressway: It is important to accept ordinary 48 cylinders and a square tube with a frame of 20x30, which is continuously formed by the scale.

   is suitable for use as a railway fence net application: It is important to use P-shaped pillars, triangular flat iron as the outer frame side frame, and the inner part is processed by a more suitable 6-sister wire. The important feature is strong anti-corrosion function and low cost.

  frame fence netting has been used for comparison. It is not that the thicker the pillar, the better, the thicker the wire, the better. We have to choose a frame fence that is suitable for local conditions and group harmony.

  frame fence is the most sensitive product for assembly, which is widely used in roads, railways, expressways, etc. in China; it can be made into a permanent mesh wall, or it can be used as a temporary cut-off network application, just accept Different column fixing methods can be completed. How do we choose a high-quality frame fence for our use? Here are a few tips for selecting a frame fence:

  The surface treatment is usually dipping. The color is grass green and dark green. However, a few small factories are shoddy and cheat their customers with spray-painted frame fence netting. There is not much difference between spray and dipping processing costs, but the surface and application years will be very different. Dip treatment with bright colors and lubricated surface.

   The above content is the introduction of the frame fence that I summarized for you. I believe that after my introduction, you have answered your doubts or questions in your mind.
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