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Reasons for the different prices of bilateral fences

The reason why the prices of bilateral guardrail nets are different

Some customers will make multiple inquiries when buying fence nets. The separation function of the route guardrail: The traffic route guardrail separates motor vehicles, non-motorized vehicles and pedestrian traffic, and separates the route longitudinally on the section, so that motor vehicles, non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians can treks in separate lanes and improve the safety of road traffic. Improved traffic order.

Then the result is that each price is different, there are high and low, then customers will doubt the authenticity of the manufacturer's quotation. Here I explain to us that there are many specifications for spot fencing nets, and the manufacturers that produce fencing nets are innumerable. It is normal for the spot fencing nets produced by each manufacturer to differ from the norms.

The specifications are different, which means that the quality is good or bad, so it is normal for the price to be high and low. Therefore, I hope that in the future, when we inquire about the price, we must ask clearly about the specifications of the fence and then compare them. Don't just follow the price blindly. Choose fence mesh, isolation fence (material: low carbon steel wire) Come on!

The fence mainly includes: road fence, railway fence, school fence, grassland fence, construction fence, municipal garden isolation network (use address: workshop, warehouse, airport, garden, port, etc.), bridge isolation Fence (material: low carbon steel wire), airport isolation fence, distance isolation fence, fast-track isolation fence, railway isolation fence, sports field isolation, etc.

The reason for the different prices of bilateral fence nets