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Two installation methods of stadium fence

Two installation methods of stadium fence

The first thing to do is to customize the stadium fence. First, determine whether the ground is to be embedded or welded flanges. It is necessary to make it clear to the manufacturer before customizing, and then it is the perimeter of the site, which means that it is necessary to supply the manufacturer with grass icons to indicate the best. After ordering, our company will customize the fence according to the drawings supplied by the customer, and the specifications will be explained to the customer or signed into the purchase and sale contract to reach the two-end agreement.

After the product is ready, there are enough goods to take a bicycle. We will recommend customers to take a bicycle for transportation. It is more suitable for logistics distribution by bicycle. We will send it to the logistics distribution station for transportation. The car will contact the owner in time before the goods arrive. Next comes the equipment problem. There are two equipment methods: embedded type, digging a forty-centimeter square pit on the ground according to the rules and standards, putting the column down to pour cement, and waiting for the cement to condense. The equipment mesh or frame net.

Assembled type: Each column has a U-shaped card, the chain link fence is turned upside down, and the steel bar is inserted into the four sides. First, use the steel bar to directly open one side of the bolt and stretch it into the U-shaped card, and then use the same method Fix the other surfaces with bolts, so that one piece of equipment ends, and continue to press the mesh piece under the equipment.

Welded type: This kind of equipment is relatively simple. First, make the column foundation. The column and frame have ears on them, and they can be connected directly with bolts. ) Then follow the method in parentheses to device. The second type: Welding type, which is also to fix the column first and then use the method supplied in the brackets for equipment.
Two installation methods for stadium fence