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Pay attention to the installation of community fence

Pay attention to the installation of community fence net

  The community is the residence of many people in modern society. Many people living in the community always worry about whether the thief will come. At this time, we need to take anti-theft measures. The community guardrail is an important item for you to prevent theft before living in the community. I don't know if you noticed these guardrails when you went out. Now let's take a look at the installation materials and steps of the safety fence in our community.

  The residential area guardrail is hot-dip galvanized with high-quality polyester powder electrostatic spraying. The inner cavity is reinforced with galvanized steel lining or aluminum alloy, which has sufficient strength and impact resistance. The residential area guardrail adopts the internationally popular RAL color, special formula and special ultraviolet absorber. Adopt patented friction bearing connection or patented connection fittings to install, and the fixation is firm. Before installing guardrails in residential areas, double-layer high-quality anti-corrosion treatment and high-viscosity polyethylene hot dip or electrostatic spray treatment should be used. The top of the fence adopts hot-dip galvanized razor barbed wire, which enhances its safety protection performance and is more beautiful.

   Community Guardrail Installation

   The installation of guardrails in residential areas requires preparation of peach posts and fence nets before the installation can begin. Fix the first pillar first, then connect the mesh to the pillar, and then connect the second pillar. After connecting, fix the second column. Then connect the second grid and the third pillar. Tighten the grid and fix the third upright. By analogy, a set of installations can be completed. The installation is firm and will not damage the mesh surface.

  Precautions for installation of community guardrail

   It is worth noting that the uprights cannot be fixed together one by one, but pay attention to the installation sequence and do not use pliers to pry open the fence.

   This is the introduction of the community fence net today. If you want more information, please visit our website.

Pay attention to the installation of community fence nets