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Analysis of the permanent characteristics of choosing the fence

Select the permanent characteristics analysis of Guardian Net

   The selection of fence nets pays attention to the development of permanent or interchangeable technology. The shifting of industrial products is a huge driving force. After the injection of high-tech production skills, many industrial products are now in production. Some changes have taken place in functionality. Safety assurance equipment such as fence nets, now following the transformation of skills, makes traditional fixed fence nets have a different development direction.

   The traditional fixed type, the so-called fixed type, is that the fence net is produced as a whole during the production process. From the production of different components to the assembly of components, the products are all A whole, only through the corresponding installation skills, the fence can be applied to practice as a whole product. It can also be said that what this kind of fence net seeks is permanence.

   It is not necessary to replace the net body and the uprights permanently, because if the fence net is damaged, just replace the whole body directly. Such a fence net is relatively excellent in product quality, and it is not easy to show that the net body and the column are separated due to long-term use, and have a long service life. The new parting style, although the permanent fence has a relatively good degree of consolidation, but this kind of strength is actually a defect.

  Because after the completion of the installation, the overall characteristics now exist, so that when the net body appears damaged, the entire fence net must be replaced. However, the new, separable fence netting that is presented now is a new fence net that is produced separately from the column and the net body, and is installed in a combined method. In addition to the overall quality and consolidation of this kind of fence, it can ensure that the net body and pillars can be replaced separately, which not only ensures the quality, but also reduces the cost of production.
Analysis of the permanent characteristics of the selected fence net