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Application characteristics of urban road isolation guardrail

Application characteristics of urban road isolation guardrail

  Urban road barrier function and barrier effect: The traffic barrier separates motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles and pedestrian traffic, separates the road, makes motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles and pedestrians travel in separate lanes, and improves the road Traffic safety improves traffic order. Obstructive effect: The traffic barrier will obstruct poor traffic behavior and obstruct pedestrians, bicycles or motor vehicles that attempt to cross the road. It requires the guardrail to have a certain height, a certain density (referring to the vertical fence), and a certain strength.

  Warning function: After the device, the generalization on the guardrail should be made concise and clear, warning the driver to pay attention to the existence of the guardrail and pay attention to pedestrians and non-motor vehicles, etc., and then arrive to prevent the onset of traffic accidents. Beautiful function: through different raw materials, different methods, different shapes and different colors of the guardrail, to reach harmony and coordination with the road environment.

   It can be seen that the urban traffic barrier is not only a simple barrier to the road, but the more important purpose is to transmit urban traffic information to the flow of people and vehicles, establish a traffic rule, protect traffic order, and make urban traffic safe, convenient and effective. The role of order and dredging.

   The final development of urban traffic barriers will be less and less, based on two points: road design functions are more complete, three-dimensional or multi-layered, and different transportation methods will be on different road planes; the other point is traffic civilization With increasing levels, uncivilized traffic behaviors will seldom appear. Therefore, the traffic barrier will be developed in the direction of "light, smart, beautiful", "safe, environmentally friendly, economical, and economical".
Application characteristics of urban road isolation guardrail