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What kind of barbed wire is suitable for prison fences

What kind of barbed wire is suitable for prison fences

The prison fence uses a lot of barbed wire. The characteristics of the plastic-sprayed fence fence 1. The grid structure is simple, beautiful and practical.  2. Easy to transport , installation is not restricted by terrain undulations.  3. It is very adaptable especially to mountainous, sloped, and curved areas.  4. The price is medium to low, suitable for large-scale use. The fence net is also called the protective net. Due to regional differences, the southerners are accustomed to call it the isolation fence, and the northerners are accustomed to call it the fence. my country's fence nets are mainly divided into: garden fence nets, railway fence nets, bridge fence nets, high-speed highway fences, sports fences, and airports Purse seine, etc. (extremely versatile). Fences fence nets are divided into: frame fence nets, triangularbend fence nets, Bilateral wire fence netting, double circle fence netting, wave-shaped fence netting, stadium fence netting, razor wire fence netting, barbed wire fence netting, PVC coated wire fence netting, etc. (Diversified types).

1. The material of the prison fence: the prison fence adopts low-carbon steel wire and aluminum-magnesium alloy wire.

2. Weaving and characteristics of prison fence netting: weaving and welding. The prison fence has a simple mesh structure, easy to transport, and installation is not restricted by terrain fluctuations, especially for mountainous, inclined and curved areas. The product is sturdy and durable, the price is moderate, and it is suitable for large area use.

3. Specifications: network height: 2.5m-3.5m; network width: 2.0m-2.5m.

4. Product features: The prison guardrail has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, anti-aging, sun protection and weather protection. The spiral cross razor gill net is a gill net between the stainless steel steel plate and the galvanized steel plate. When unfolded, it is in a cross shape, which is beautiful and practical.

Secondly, when installing the prison fence, is there anything worth paying attention to?

After transporting the fence from the prison to the construction site, the installation will officially enter the first step:

1: First, determine the distance between the two and the post according to the length of the prison fence. Then if it is soft ground, you can dig a 40*40*50cm embedded foundation. The hardened ground can be directly hit with expansion bolts.

2: After the column is fixed, it can be directly connected to the net. The work piece needed by the net is a four-piece screw with a special wrench set for the handguard. The four screws on the tool can be used to prevent theft as long as the website aligns the connecting fittings of the net and the column upwards in the middle of the column.

3: If the connecting accessories cannot be completely aligned during installation. You can install and align it first, and then make the rope and the center of the network form an octagonal shape so that you can install it smoothly. Under normal circumstances, the fence will not be damaged. This connection alignment usually occurs on rugged terrain.

4: According to the assembly procedure, it is basically completed here. The last thing I need is to check the screw fixation.

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What kind of barbed wire is suitable for prison fence