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What kind of fence is good for factories and enterprises?

Which type of fence net is good for factories and enterprises?

Advantages of installing fence nets:

The structure of the fence is simple and the styles are also different. The installation of fence nets in factories and enterprises can play a certain role in beautifying the environment of factories and enterprises;

The fence net can block the activities inside and outside the factory enterprise, making the life of the residents in the factory enterprise easier;

The most important thing is that the fence is not easy to break, because it is a metal product. It can be kept intact for a long time and can resist a certain impact.

It is better to use fence-style fence nets in factories and enterprises. First of all, the meshes should not be too large. The denser the meshes, the better. Secondly, it is recommended not to use iron wires that are too thin, and must use iron wires that are thicker than 0.5mm. This can improve safety. Finally, the height must be above 2.5m. The general height of a person is between 1.5m and 1.8m. The height is too low, and some taller people can easily climb into the factory.

It can be seen that when installing factory and enterprise fences, the fence should have: smaller meshes (diamond meshes are recommended here), smaller density between meshes, and thicker iron wires , The height needs to be above 2.5 meters. The last suggestion is that you can choose a fresher green and white color.

The application of fence nets is a very common phenomenon in our lives, especially in housing factories and enterprises to maintain safety and public order. It is impossible for a builder in a big city to surround the factories and enterprises with wall tiles, which is not conducive to management in addition to the high cost. However, there are so many types of fencing nets. Which kind of fencing net should be installed in our living factories and enterprises?

Which kind of fence is good for factories and enterprises?